Active & Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense

आज मैं आपको Active & Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense in hindi के बारे में बतलाऊंगा। अगर active to passive voice में change करने का basic rules पता नहीं है तो पहले active से passive में बदलने का सबसे आसान rules को जरूर पढ़ ले।

Past Indefinite/Simple Past active sentence को passive voice में change करने के लिए नीचे excercise भी दिया गया है, उसका practice जरूर करे।

active passive voice of past indefinite tense in hindi

Hindi & English Pattern of Past Indefinite Tense Active Sentence

Active Voice of Past Indefinite Tense (in Hindi)

कर्ता + कर्म + धातु + आ/ई/ए
मैंने तुम्हे/तुमको प्यार किया
तुमने मुझे/मुझ्को प्यार किया
तुमने मुझे सिखाया

Active Voice of Past Indefinite Tense (in English)

Subject + V2 + Object
I loved you
You loved me
You taught me

Hindi & English pattern of Past Indefinite Tense Passive Sentence

Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense (in Hindi)

कर्ता संज्ञा/सर्वनाम के द्वारा + धातु + आ गया/ई गई/ए गए
तुमको मेरे द्वारा प्यार किया गया
मुझे तुम्हारे द्वारा प्यार किया गया
मुझको तुम्हारे द्वारा सिखाया गया

Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense (in English)

Subject + was/were +  V3 + by + Object (agent)
You were loved by me
I was loved by you
I was taught by you
Rules :
  1. Past Indefinite Tense को passive voice में change करने के लिए was/were + V3 का इस्तेमाल करते है।
  2. Past Indefinite active voice के negative और interrogative sentence में did का इस्तेमाल होता है परंतु इसको passive voice बनाने के लिए helping verb was/were का इस्तेमाल करते है।
  3. Passive voice negative sentence में not को helping verb के बाद लगाते है। Interrogative sentence में helping verb was/were वाक्य के शुरुवात में लगता है।
  4. Passive voice में helping verb (was/were) का इस्तेमाल वाक्य के subject के अनुसार होता है। Active voice में singular number subject I/He/She/It/Name के साथ helping verb was का इस्तेमाल करते है तथा plural number subject We/You/They/Plural noun के साथ helping verb were का इस्तेमाल करते है।
Person Singular Plural (P.V Subject)
1st Person He beaten me. (A.V) He beaten us. (A.V)
I was beaten by him. (P.V) We were beaten by him. (P.V)
2nd Person He beaten you. ( A.V)  
You were beaten by him. (P.V)  
3rd Person He beaten her. (A.V) He beaten them. — A.V
She was beaten by him. (P.V) They were beaten by him. (P.V)

Note : यहाँ पर A.V का मतलब Active Voice और P.V का मतलब Passive Voice है। 

Active & Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense

Passive Voice of Past Indefinite Tense

Sentences Active Voice Passive Voice
Affirmative / Positive Sentence Subject + V2 + Object S (convert object to subject) + was / were + V3 + by + O (convert subject to object) + Remaining
He bought a car. A car was bought by him.
She wrote the letters. The letters were written by her.
You helped me. I was helped by you.
Negative Sentence Subject +did + not + V1 + object S (convert object to subject) + was/were +not + V3 + by + O (convert subject to object) + Remaining
He did not buy a car. A car was not bought by him.
She did not write the letters. The letters were not written by her.
You did not help me. I was not helped by you.
Interrogative Sentence Did + Subject + V1 + Object was / were + S (convert object to subject) + V3 + by + O (convert subject to object) + Remaining
Did he buy a car ? Was a car bought by him ?
Did she not write the letters ? Were the letters not written by her ?
Did you heip me ? Was I helped by you ?

Excercise :

Change the following sentences into the passive form.

  1. Someone stole my pen.
  2. She loved me.
  3. They ate mangoes.
  4. The peon rang the bell.
  5. Our team won the match.
  6. Somebody broke my window.
  7. They looted the house yesterday.
  8. She abused me.
  9. They cut the tree.
  10. The robbers robbed him.
  11. You made several mistakes.
  12. He finished the work soon.
  13. She wrote the letter beautifully.
  14. The people expected him to arrive at eight.
  15. The fire damaged the building.
  16. Shakespeare wrote “As you like it.”
  17. They admired him for his courage.
  18. I took a picture of the sea.
  19. Arijit Singh and Shashaa Tirupati sang a song “phir bhi tumko chahunga.”
  20. Columbus discoverd America in 1492.
  21. She did not win the prize.
  22. Did he send the letter ?
  23. The Indian team won the cup.
  24. Gandhiji taught us the lesson of non-violence.
  25. We refused them admission.
  26. I sent him to market.
  27. He hurt himself.
  28. They held a reception in his honour.
  29. They posted all the letters yesterday.
  30. They asked me to leave the place.
  31. Most of our men opposed this.
  32. The same boy abused me that day.
  33. A boy of ten saved my life.
  34. The fire destroyed many houses.
  35. The fire burnt my house to ashes.
  36. Somebody told him the news this morning.
  37. I asked him to come in time.
  38. He invited me to his house yesterday.
  39. They found him guilty of murder.
  40. An old man took me to hospital.

Note :- Question No. 13 में beautifully Adverb of Manner है। इसलिए यदि verb passive में हो, तो Adverb of Manner को उस Verb के पहले रखना चाहिए, जिसको वह modify करता है।

Answer :

  1. My pen was stolen.
  2. I was loved by her.
  3. Mangoes were eaten by them.
  4. The bell was rung by the peon.
  5. The match was won by our team.
  6. My window was broken.
  7. The house was looted yesterday.
  8. I was abused by her.
  9. The tree was cut by them.
  10. He was robbed by the robbers.
  11. Several mistakes were made by you.
  12. The work was finished soon.
  13. The letter was beautifully written.
  14. He was expected to arrive at night.
  15. The building was damaged by the fire.
  16. “As you like it” was written by Shakespeare.
  17. He was admired for his courage.
  18. A picture of the sea was taken by me.
  19. A song “phir bhi tumko chaunga” was sung by Arijit Singh and Shashaa Tirupati.
  20. America was discovered by Columbus in 1492.
  21. The prize was not won by her.
  22. Was the letter sent by him ?
  23. The cup was won by the Indian team.
  24. We were taught the lesson of non-violence by Gandhiji.
  25. They was refused admission by us.
  26. He was sent to market by me.
  27. He was hurt by himself.
  28. A reception was held in his honour.
  29. All the letters were posted yesterday.
  30. I was asked to leave the place.
  31. This was opposed by most of our men.
  32. I was abused by the same boy that day.
  33. My life was saved by a boy of ten.
  34. Many houses were destroyed by the fire.
  35. My house was burnt to ashes.
  36. He was told the news this morning.
  37. He was asked by me to come in time.
  38. I was invited to his house yesterday.
  39. He was found guilty of murder.
  40. I was taken to hospital by an old man.

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