Assam SC & ST Caste List 2023

Assam SC & ST Caste List – [List of Scheduled Caste (SC) & Scheduled Tribes (ST) in Assam] In this post, we will know which caste comes under SC and ST category in Assam. When you are applying for a job or admission to higher studies like Graduation or PG etc., you can claim seats reserved under reservation categories mainly for those who comes under Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST).

Assam Scheduled Caste (SC) & Scheduled Tribes (ST) List

SC and ST Full Form

Caste NameFull Form in English
SCScheduled Caste
STScheduled Tribe

Assam SC & ST Caste List

While filling an examination form, you may need to know which category (SC, ST) your caste comes in. Below I have written the Assam Scheduled Caste List and Assam Scheduled Tribe List in the table. You can find out which category you fall in by looking at the table.

Scheduled Caste (SC) List in Assam

Serial No.SC caste list
3.Brittial Bania
4.Dhupi, Dhobi
5.Dugla, Dholi
8.Jhalo Malo, Jhalo-Malo
9.Kaibartta, Jaliya

Scheduled Tribes (ST) Caste List in Assam

In the autonomous Districts of Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills :

  1. Chakma
  2. Dimasa, Kachari
  3. Garo
  4. Hajong
  5. Hmar
  6. Khasi, Jaintia, Synteng, Pnar, War, Bhoi, Lyngngam
  7. Any Kuki tribes, including :
    (i) Biate, Biete
    (ii) Changsan
    (iii) Chongloi
    (iv) Doungel
    (v) Gamalhou
    (vi) Gangte
    (vii) Guite
    (viii) Hanneng
    (ix) Haokip, Haupit
    (x) Haolai
    (xi) Hengna
    (xii) Hongsungh
    (xiii) Hrangkhwal, Rangkhol
    (xiv) Jongbe
    (xv) Khawchung
    (xvi) Khawathlang,
    (xvii) Khelma
    (xviii) Kholhou
    (xix) Kipgen
    (xx) Kuki
    (xxi) Lengthang
    (xxii) Lhangum
    (xxiii) Lhoujem
    (xxiv) Lhouvun
    (xxv) Lupheng
    (xxvi) Mangjel
    (xxvii) Misao
    (xxviii) Riang
    (xxix) Sairhem
    (xxx) Selnam
    (xxxi) Singson
    (xxxii) Sitlhou
    (xxxiii) Sukte
    (xxxv) Thangngeu
    (xxxvii) Vaiphei
  8. Lakher
  9. Man (Tai speaking)
  10. Any Mizo (Lushai) tribes
  11. Karbi
  12. Any Naga tribes
  13. Pawi
  14. Syntheng
  15. Lalung

In the State of Assam including the Bodo land territorial Areas District and excluding the autonomous districts of Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills :

  1. Barmans in Cachar
  2. Boro, Borokachari
  3. Deori
  4. Hojai
  5. Kachari, Sonwal
  6. Lalung
  7. Mech
  8. Miri
  9. Rabha
  10. Dimasa
  11. Hajong
  12. Singhpho
  13. Khampti
  14. Garo

All State Caste List in India

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In this post I have explained in detail about Assam SC (scheduled caste) list and Assam ST (Scheduled Tribes) list etc. If you have any query related to this post then write in the comment box below.

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