Circulation of Body Fluids : 12th Class Biology Question Answer Lesson 15 – NIOS

Circulation of Body Fluids : 12th Class Biology Question Answer Lesson 15 – NIOS

Circulation of Body Fluids : 12th Class Biology Question Answer  Lesson 15 - NIOS


  1. Give one example each of animals with open and closed circulatory system.
    (i) Open circulation – Prawn, insects etc
    (ii) Closed circulation – Vertebrates like human, fish, birds
  2. Where in the heart are the following valves located?
    (i) Bicuspid – Between left atrium and left ventricle
    (ii) Tricuspid – Between right atrium and right ventricle
  3. Name the following
    (i) Structure where the wave of contraction originates in heart to begin heartbeat- Sino-atrial node
    (ii) Structure connecting arteries with the veins- capillaries
    (iii) Blood vessel that brings oxygenated blood from the lungs to the heart- pulmonary vein
    (iv) The blood vessel which collects and brings deoxygenated blood from brain and shoulder region to the heart – Superior vena cava


  1. Name the following
    (i) The term given to the production of blood cells – Haemopoiesis
    (ii) The three proteins present in the plasma- Ablumin, globulin and fibrinogen
    (iii) Cell fragments of blood involved in the clotting of the blood- Platelates
  2. Fill in the blanks
    (i) Transfer of blood from donor to recipient is called – Blood transfusion
    (ii) Antigens are present on – Cell membrane of RBC and antibodies in the – plasma
    (iii) People from blood group O can receive blood from blood group /groups- Only from blood group O
    (iv) Blood pressure is measured by an instrument called – Sphygmomanometer, The reading for a person with normal blood pressure will be around- 120 ≠ 5 / 75 ± 5 mercury


  1. Fill in the blanks :
    (i) The clear colourless liquid flowing out of the blood capillary walls is called lymph
    (ii) Lymphatic system consists of lymph ducts lymph nodes and lymph vessels
    (iii) A number of Lymphocytes are present in lymph nodes and attack bacteria
  2. Give one example of lymphoid organ in your body – Spleen or tonsils
  3. Give two examples of Immuno Deficiency Syndrome – SCID and AIDS
  4. Name the two kinds of lymphocytes of your immune system – T-cells, B-cells
  5. Name two heart related disorders- Hypertension, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis (any 2)


  1. Give one function of each of the following :
    (i) R.B.C.
    (ii) Platelets
    (iii) Plasma
  2. With the help of a flow chart describe the steps involved in the coagulation ofblood
  3. Why is a person with blood group AB called universal recipient?
  4. Differentiate between the systolic and diastolic pressures. What are the values
    of these pressures for a normal human adult?
  5. Give three differences between lymph and blood.
  6. What is immunity? Differentiate between active and passive immunity.
  7. What are (i) hypertension and (ii) atherosclerosis?
  8. What is an ECG and what is its function?

NIOS 12th class biology Q Ans

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