Meghalaya SC ST Caste List 2023

Meghalaya SC & ST Caste List : मेघालय राज्य की अनुसूचित जाति और अनुसूचित जनजाति [List of Scheduled Caste (SC) & Scheduled Tribes (ST) in Meghalaya] – In this post, we will know which caste comes under SC and ST category in Meghalaya. When you are applying for a job or admission to higher studies like Graduation or PG etc., you can claim seats reserved under reservation categories mainly for those who comes under Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST).

Meghalaya SC & ST Caste List

SC and ST Caste Full Form

Caste NameFull Form in EnglishHindi Meaning
SCScheduled Castesअनुसूचित जाति
STScheduled Tribesअनुसूचित जनजाति

Meghalaya SC and ST Caste List

While filling an examination form, you may need to know which category your caste comes in. Below I have written the Meghalaya Scheduled Castes (SC) List and Meghalaya Scheduled Tribes (ST) List in the table. You can find out which category you fall in by looking at the table.

Scheduled Caste (SC) List in Meghalaya (मेघालय अनुसूचित जाति सूची)

  1. Bansphor
  2. Bhuinmali, Mali
  3. Brittial Bania, Bania
  4. Dhupi, Dhobi
  5. Dugla, Dholi
  6. Hira
  7. Jalkeot
  8. Jhalo, Malo, Jhalo-Malo
  9. Kaibartta, Jaliya
  10. Lalbegi
  11. Mahara
  12. Mehtar, Bhangi
  13. Muchi, Rishi
  14. Namasudra
  15. Patni
  16. Sutradhar.

Scheduled Tribes (ST) List in Meghalaya (मेघालय अनुसूचित जनजाति सूची)

  1. Chakma
  2. Dimasa, Kachari
  3. Garo
  4. Hajong
  5. Hmar
  6. Khasi, Jaintia,
    Synteng, Pnar, War,
    Bhoi, Lyngngam
  7. Any Kuki tribes,
    i. Biate, Biete
    ii. Changsan
    iii. Chongloi
    iv. Doungel
    v. Gamalhou
    vi. Gangte
    vii. Guite
    viii. Hanneng
    ix. Haokip, Haupit
    x. Haolai
    xi. Hengna
    xii. Hongsungh
    xiii. Hrangkhwal,
    xiv. Jongbe
    xv. Khawchung
    xvi. Khawathlang,
    xvii. Khelma
    xviii. Kholhou
    xix. Kipgen
    xx. Kuki
    xxi. Lengthang
    xxii. Lhangum
    xxiii. Lhoujem
    xxiv. Lhouvun
    xxv. Lupheng
    xxvi. Mangjel
    xxvii. Misao
    xxviii. Riang
    xxix. Sairhem
    xxx. Selnam
    xxxi. Singson
    xxxii. Sitlhou
    xxxiii. Sukte
    xxxiv. Thado
    xxxv. Thangngeu
    xxxvi. Uibuh
    xxxvii. Vaiphei
  8. Lakher
  9. Man (Tai
  10. Any Mizo
    (Lushai) tribes
  11. Mikir
  12. Any Naga tribes
  13. Pawi
  14. Synteng
  15. Boro Kacharis
  16. Koch
  17. Raba, Rava

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