Tissues & Others Level of Organization : 12th Class Biology Question Answer Lesson 5 – NIOS

Tissues & Others Level of Organization : 12th Class Biology Question Answer Lesson 5 – NIOS

Tissues & Others Level of Organization : 12th Class Biology Question Answer Lesson 5 - NIOS


  1. Define a tissue.
    Ans. a group of cells with similar origin, structure and function
  2. Give one word equivalent for the following :
    (i) A plant tissue that consists of cells which continue to divide to produce
    more cells.- Merisematic
    (ii) The meristematic tissue responsible for the increase in thickness of the stem of a tree.- Lateral Meristem
    (iii) The kind of plant tissues which consists of all similar cells – Simple
    (iv) The category of plant tissues in which the cells do not divide – Permanent
  3. What do you mean by “cells of a tissue have similar origin”?
    Ans. arising from same embryonic layer of cells
  4. Name that branch of Biology in which tissues are studied?
    Ans. Histology
  5. What is a complex tissue?
    Ans. composed of more than one type of cells all cooperating in performing common function
  6. Mention any two special features of the meristematic cells.
    Ans. >> The cells may be rounded, oval or polygonal; always living and thin-walled.
    >> Each cell has abundant cytoplasm and a prominent nucleus in it.


  1. Give Two characteristics and one example of the location of the given tissuesin plants in the following table:
S. No.TissuesCharacteristicsExample of location
1.Parenchyma1. Round cells
2. Living
Root, stem and leaves
2.Collenchyma1. Polygonal cells with thickenings at corners.
2. Living
Petiole and Mid-rib of leaves
3.Sclerenchyma1. elongated and irregular in shape
2. Dead and thicked walled
Woody Stems

  1. Name the plant tissues which
    (i) conduct water – Xylem
    (ii) conduct food metabolites – Phloem


  1. List the different types of animal tissues
    Ans. Epithelial, connective, muscular, nervous
  2. Match the items in Column I with those in Column II by writing the
    corresponding serial number within brackets.
    Column I Column II
    (a) Compound Epithelium ( ) (i) Epithelial tissue
    (b) Basement membrane ( ) (ii) For increasing the surface area
    (c) Brush-bordered epithelium ( ) (iii) Lining of trachea
    (d) Salivary gland ( ) (iv) Skin
    (e) Ciliated Epithelium ( ) (v) Cuboidal epithelium
    Ans. a-iv, b-i, c-ii, e-iii


  1. Name the different types of cells found in the different types of connective tissue.
    Ans. Firbroblasts – areolar
    Macrophages – areolar
    Mast cells – areolar
    Cartilage cells / chondrocyte –chondrocyte-cartilage
    Bone cells/osteocyte – bone
    Blood cells/WBC RBC – blood
  2. Match the item in Column I with those in Column II, by writing the
    corresponding serial number within brackets:
    Column I Column II
    a. Unstripped muscles ( ) (i) multinucleate
    b. Myofibrils ( ) (ii) run parallel to each other in a striped
    c. Sarcolemma ( ) (iii) cardiac muscles
    d. Striped muscle ( ) (iv) outer tough membrane of a striped muscle
    e. Branched myofibrils ( ) (v) involuntary
    Ans. a (v); (b) (ii); c (iv); d (i); e. (iii)


  1. What is the function of the nervous tissue?
    Ans. Sensory
  2. What is the direction of the “flow of impulse” within a nerve cell from its
    dendrites to its axon end or from its axon end toward its dendrites?
    Ans. Dendrite to the axon
  3. What are the following parts in a nerve cell?
    (i) Cyton – cell-body
    (ii) Dendrite – thin processes of cyton
    (iii) Axon – Sensory Fibre
    (iv) Medullary sheath – medullary layer
    (v) Node of Ranvier – interruptions in medullary sheath


  1. Rearrange the following levels of organizations in their correct sequences:-
    tissue, cell, organ, organism, organ system.
    Ans. Cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism

NIOS 12th class biology Q Ans

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